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Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

How to become a VA

When you take the decision to become a Virtual Assistant  there is a lot of help out there in what you will need to get you ready for your first client.

I found that many of the forums were a brilliant resource and that talking to other VA's via them gave me great advice.

You will quickly see that Virtual Assistants are a supportive and friendly bunch.

In this post I will list what I used to get my self off the ground and then elablorate on these in later posts

I apologise if some of this stuff seems a little basic or elementary but I wanted to provide a complete guide for everyone.

So here goes 

 The first thing you will need when becoming a virtual assistant is to decide what you are a specialist in. 

What are your key skills and how you can offer these as a Virtual Assistant service.

When i did this I felt my key skills were touch typing and excel as well as a good telephone voice. 

Before going live I decided that I didn't want to be a call centre so avoided listing that on my site.

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