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About Us

So who are PA Direct Online

Who are PA Direct Online Virtual Assistants?

Richard Lister

graduated from Portsmouth University in 2000 obtaining a degree in Computer Science. A Highly Technical Systems / Web developer, working for;

  •  Accenture
  • Casson Beckman
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Sky TV
  • Alpine Elements

Here at PA Direct Online we specialise in helping small businesses and individuals alike providing assistance to clients who typically do not have the time, space or budget for in-house staff, but have the same critical administrative office work load as any other business.


We are your number one solution to all your admin needs.  We are employed by the hour and work from our own premises, thus keeping your overheads low and with no hidden costs.  Using PA Direct Online can prove to be far more cost effective then hiring temporary, part-time or even full-time staff.


We work on a self-employed basis so you don’t have to pay any NI, PAYE, holiday or sick pay.  You just pay for the work done.


Hiring PA Direct Online gives you the benefits of working with highly-experienced and professional administrators and PAs without the associated cost or hassle.


Many small businesses get to a point where they have too much to do and not enough hours to do it in, but they don’t feel confident enough to employ an extra person to help them.


This is where PA Direct Online can help you.  Let us take the strain of all your administrative work so that you can concentrate on what you are good at - building your business and meeting with your clients - confident that you have the infrastructure in place to support your every move  We will always give you realistic deadlines for your project and will do everything we can to fit in with any commitments you have.


The only problem you will have is deciding how much you want to use us! With just one phone call you could be on your way to taking your business to the next level, knowing you have confidential and reliable support to help you, whether it be for one hour or one hundred hours the freedom of choice is yours.


We are flexible and helpful, and happy to discuss your personal business requirements in further detail without obligation.


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A force to reckoned with

Floriana Maggio

Owner PA Direct

Richard Lister

Technical Officer

Lianne Mosely

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Naomi Lister

Translation Service

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